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Von Moos products are the outcome of a development process lasting many years and the expression of a desire to create something which is extraordinary, “beautiful”, “close to nature” and “original”. Viewed from this perspective, Von Moos writing instruments are not mere “coincidence”, derived from an “intuitive whim”. Our products represent a deliberate counterpoint to the “functional” and “purposeful” which define many areas of our lives; they are works of art.Intuition and knowledge, curiosity and experience were the starting points for the birth of Von Moos writing instruments. An entrepreneur by profession, I have been involved with steel and wood for decades (, complying with the rules of “standardization” and “economies of scale” which prevail in these markets.Von Moos writing instruments are intended to be “contrary” to these trends – single pieces not mass production; hand-selected materials not standardized products; diversity not uniformity – the guiding principles when manufacturing our products. Only unique, precious woods; valuable gemstones and high quality steel alloys combined with experience and state-of-the-art technology are good enough to satisfy the quality standards we set for Von Moos writing instruments.  One last word about the shape of our writing instruments – it is based on the female silhouette; is elegant; consciously feminine and establishes a link with “Mother Nature”. 


Philosophy Von Moos writing instruments are unique and exclusive; they are implements for lovers of the extraordinary, for those who appreciate beauty. The technology included in Von Moos writing instruments is perfect; they are painstakingly manufactured using hand-picked materials. A Von Moos pen has healing powers, bestowing harmony, warmth and happiness on the writer; the wooden barrel exudes natural powers which have grown over centuries while the precious stones and diamonds bundle the sun’s light, the elementary force of life. Shamans teach that palisander generates feelings of freedom and peace; that rosewood gives solace and courage and that violet wood or macassar ebony can help to alleviate migraines. The ancient Sumerians and Assyrians used precious stones to heal illnesses. They were convinced that the intense light the gems produced was the reason for their healing powers and that every colour had its own properties – according to this, green gems have a calming effect on the heart and eyes; blue ones on the head and nerves while yellow precious stones promote spirituality and red ones increase activity.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our components against gentle usage of our instruments.  Our gemstone work is guaranteed by our specialists for the life of the instrument.   Fountain pen nibs and feeds must be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to ensure proper writing.  Damage incurred while dropping a pen on a hard surface, cracks in wood due to significant temperature changes and any tampering with stone settings will void warranty.  Warranty does not cover normal usage wear and tear nor lost parts.  Our warranty covers mechanisms, stone settings and wood for a period of 2 years from date of purchase but should last years when properly cared for.  All repairs must be sent into our Swiss office, including all components for servicing.  Please contact our customer service for inquiries.  Include photos and pertinent explanation and we will work with you and your pen.  For any repairs considered normal wear and tear, accidental damage, outside the warranty/expired warranty, clients will cover the cost of repair work after a quote for time/cost.