About Our Materials

No Blood on our Diamonds

All of our gemstones are sourced with the strict UN convention regulations using vs-vvs clarity and F color stones or better.  We guarantee conflict-free sourced gems.  All of our gem work is performed by the utmost experts in European gem industry.  

Responsibly Sourced Woods

Our woods are sourced from our own forests in Central America and the most reputable rare and exotic wood purveyors in USA.

Our Italian Craftsman who makes our display boxes, has worked for presidents of state (US and others) and the pope himself.  When you choose this quality desktop showcase, you will feel the passion of it's maker.

Palladium-Nickel, INOX or 18K Gold

German sourced metallurgy of the highest quality ensures precision and no tolerance in our mechanisms.  We use the finest grades metals for our instruments.  Sofia Lauren models are made of 18-8 INOX* or 18K Yellow Gold plate, All other pens of "silver" color are made of Palladium-Nickel plied finish or 18K Yellow Gold plate.  Monograms and bespoke embellishments,  done in 22K gold.   Our bespoke and monograming work is all handmade and to client's design and specifications.  Our experienced gem setters guarantee their craftsmanship for the life of the pen. 

*High grade Stainless Steel

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Conditions of Sale




These conditions govern exclusively the sale of goods online with delivery by von Moos Manufaktur AG, Kasernenplatz 2, Postfach 7855, CH-6000 Luzern, Switzerland, VAT ID/MWST No. 153.409.505; email www.vonmoospens.com; PEC (Certified Electronic Mail; through the application on above website.


In order to conclude the contract, the contracting party must be entered and registered in the company database in electronic format including all data which may be required for delivery and invoicing of the goods.; In addition to this the contracting party must accept these general terms and conditions of business. Following registration, the purchaser may identify the item or goods which they intend to purchase and forward the request to von Moos Manufaktur AG. The latter reserves the right to suspend or terminate the publication and updating of the catalogue of goods for sale at any time or to modify all or any part of this catalogue at its sole discretion and without prior notice.


As a matter of principle, conclusion of the contract will be subject to the final and non-negotiable approval of von Moos Manufaktur AG.In the case of non-acceptance von Moos Manufaktur AG must notify the purchaser in the manner it deems most appropriate within 20 days of the purchaser placing the order. In the absence of communication in the said period the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded.


Von Moos Manufaktur AG is free to not accept orders at its sole discretion and excludes any contractual or non-contractual liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by non-acceptance, also relating to non-acceptance of part of an order. The electronic system used by Von Moos Manufaktur AG ensures that processing and fulfilment is carried out without delay if the order quantity exceeds stocks on hand in its warehouse. Should goods not be available, then von Moos Manufaktur AG will inform the purchaser by email of this fact and/or what the waiting time is for the chosen item and ask the purchaser to state whether the order is confirmed or not. von Moos Manufaktur AG undertakes its best efforts to deliver goods within 60 days of receipt of the order together with the customer’s data. 


Von Moos Manufaktur AG undertakes to supply obligations exclusively for the goods specified in the order. Any modifications required by the purchaser after forwarding of the order must be sent in writing to the address specified in Section 1 above and will be subject to further acceptance by the seller, who is entitled to revise the delivery dates and prices stated in the original order on the grounds of the modifications requested. 


Any deviating term or condition included by the customer in the order, in correspondence or elsewhere is invalid or ineffective unless specifically accepted in writing by von Moos Manufaktur AG.


The order confirmation may not in any way to be interpreted as implicit acceptance of conditions or clauses contained in the order or elsewhere unless they are expressly mentioned in the order confirmation and von Moos Manufaktur AG clearly expresses its acceptance of them. 


The sale contract is governed by these general conditions, which are an integral and essential part of the sales contract even if not expressively referred to in the order and/or order confirmation. 


Von Moos Manufaktur AG is in no way responsible should data relevant to the order be incorrectly communicated by the customer (for example: the name and address given for shipment of the purchased product or the characteristics and the quantity of the products ordered.)


The purchaser must pay for the goods by “PAYPAL” and back to back only and may not for any reason and under any circumstances defer or suspend the agreed payments, even if disputes regarding the performance or interpretation of the present contract arise. 



Von Moos Manufaktur AG will provide packing for the goods which ensures that they remain intact and will send these goods only to the address indicated by the purchaser. 


The signing by the customer of the carrier’s transport document represents full acceptance of the delivered goods as regards, for example, packing, the number of packages received and the conformity of the goods delivered to the goods ordered (intactness and external characteristics of the products).


The purchaser is obliged to immediately check the state of the delivered goods and the respective packages and that they actually correspond to the goods ordered. If necessary, the purchaser must add written comments regarding the state of the goods to the delivery order or transport document. Should the goods be accepted “WITH RESERVATION”, then the purchaser must write this wording on the courier’s receipt when providing their signature of acceptance. 


The goods must be carefully checked by the customer even if the package is intact. Any defects and/or obvious non-compliance (i.e. objectively recognisable when applying normal diligence) of the goods must, under penalty of cancellation, be reported to von Moos Manufaktur AG in writing within and not later than 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of delivery.


Von Moos Manufaktur AG assumes no liability whatsoever for any delays caused by “force majeure” such as, for example, accidents, explosions, strikes, lockouts, earthquakes, disasters, floods, regulations and orders issued by state authorities or other events which are difficult or impossible to foresee and which entirely or partly prevent fulfilment in the agreed times or ways and any other case of delay not attributable to malice or serious default on the part of von Moos Manufaktur AG.


Shipping terms will interrupted during the period from 1 August to 31 August and from 15 December to 6 January of the following year.


Under no circumstances will the purchaser be entitled to claim damages or to make other claims or to delay deliveries or request cancellation of the contract. 


The purchaser has no right to withdraw from a purchase contract concluded under the terms of the Swiss Civil Code.



Under the terms of the Swiss Civil Code, goods will be subject to a guarantee lasting for 24 months from the date of delivery, provided that any complaint regarding lack of conformity is placed in writing within 30 days of its discovery and that the goods are returned to the seller for inspection. Where applicable the purchaser will, in case of non-compliance, be entitled to have conformity of the goods restored free of charge by means of the repair or replacement of the good, or, if that is not possible, to a reduction in the purchase price or to termination of the contract. 


The warranty for the goods will become invalid immediately if, without the prior permission of von Moos Manufaktur AG the purchaser carries out work to them himself and/ or requests third parties to assemble and /or replace parts.


The warranty provided for defects will become invalid if

· The attached documents proving purchase from von Moos Manufaktur AG appear altered or illegible; warranty requests will only be processed if the product is returned together with an invoice or receipt and other order confirmation document,

· The product codes or serial numbers have been altered, removed or made illegible,

· The product has been repaired or modified by unauthorized personnel before von Moos Manufaktur AG was able to carry out a technical check,¨

· The technical check reveals that the product defect is the result of negligence or careless use,

· Whenever the fault identified has not been caused by production, manufacturing or packing defects.


The purchaser hereby renounces their right to compensation relating to the obligation to pay and to any claims for possible creditor items of any kind.



The terms and conditions of sale specified above are governed by Swiss law, regardless of where the purchaser is located or the order is shipped to. 


Any controversy or dispute arising from this agreement will be settled exclusively by the Zürich Commercial Court (Handelsgericht) in Switzerland. 


Data relating to or contained in this agreement will be processed in compliance with the Swiss “Protection of Personal Data Law” (Datenschutzgesetz) using manual and ITC instruments for the purpose of registration of the site, for the enforcement of contractual obligations and, with the consent of the customer, for subscribing to the newsletter, for sending commercial communications and marketing activities. Some external parties (appointed to process data) and categories of employees with competence in this regard may be aware of customer data. The data may be shared with companies and/ or external consultants to carry out economic activities or for the performance of activities prescribed by law. The customer may contact the data controller privacy service to check his/her data and add to, update and/ or correct this data to exercise any other rights under the terms of Swiss data protection law.

Lucerne, 10.01.2018


von Moos Manufaktur AG, Kasernenplatz 2, Postfach 7855, CH-6000 Luzern, VAT ID No. 153.409.505 

André von Moos@vonmmoos-manufaktur.com

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